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Hospitality & Leisure is our thing...


Need help financing a motel? No problem. We have helped dozens of everyday Australians get the loans they need to purchase the motels of their dreams. The trick is packaging up your submission in just the right way to get the lenders onside.

A Proven Process


Firstly, we determine your loan requirements and shortlist our most relevant and understanding lenders – some of our lenders like pubs, others motels etc. We then package your application alongside all of the supporting documents that we know our lenders like to see. The trick is anticipating and rectifying lender concerns before submission. It is how we have helped countless everyday Australians purchase the venue of their dreams.



Up to 75% LVR (on standalone basis)

Up to 100% finance (if additional property is used as security)

Interest rates from 5.75%

Up to 25 year loan terms

Full doc & low doc options

Interest only or principal & interest repayments

Remote rural to inner city coverage

Loan Process


We have a proven loan process that helps you gain approval quickly and easily. To find out more about our loan process click here.

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