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Step 1: Application Form

You will be provided you with an application form, which generally takes half an hour to complete. Once completed you will be booked in for a consultation either by phone or in person.


Step 2: Consultation

During the consultation we will pre-empt any questions or concerns that a lender is likely to have. We will also go over any queries that you have about the process.


Step 3: Quote & Advice

You will then be provided with a detailed quote that will include all the information necessary to help you make an informed choice. Once you are 100% satisfied, the quote acceptance is signed and we can process the application for approval.


Step 4: Loan Submission

A formal submission for the selected lender is then prepared so that we can obtain credit approval.


Step 5: Credit Decision

The turnaround time for approvals is usually 3-5 business days (sometimes longer depending on the complexity of your request).  A conditional letter of offer is then issued to you based on the terms outlined in the quote.


Step 6: Valuation & Mortgage Documents

Prior to funding there will be conditions in the letter of offer that will need satisfying. These conditions may include providing further documentation, obtaining a valuation report etc. Once these conditions are satisfied, mortgage documentation will be provided to you or your solicitor for signing.


Step 7: Settlement & Beyond

As soon as the mortgage documents are signed, the settlement can take place. Settlement is only the beginning of our relationship with you. After settlement we will continue to act as a liaison between you and the lender to ensure that you continue to receive the service and product you signed up for. This includes having our consultants conduct regular reviews of your account to ensure you continue to achieve the goals we outlined in your initial consultation.

Call us on 1300 PODIUM or request a quote

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